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Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning in Raytown, MO

Dryer vent cleaning is an essential task on the annual household to-do list. Neglecting maintenance allows lint and debris to build up in the vent system, diminishing appliance efficiency, performance, reliability and longevity. Because lint is highly flammable, professional vent cleaning is an important safety measure. For effective, experienced and expert dryer vent cleaning in Raytown, MO, Tidy Turtle Duct Cleaning is the right call to make.

Dryer vent cleaning benefits include:

  • Get laundry dry quicker – When the vent is restricted, humid air becomes trapped inside the machine, making it more difficult for the moisture from wet laundry to evaporate. If you need to run the dryer several times to completely dry the laundry, dryer vent cleaning is probably the solution.
  • Easier on clothing – Shorter drying times reduces wear and tear on clothing. They are exposed to less heat and suffer less damage.
  • Lower risk of dryer vent fires – According to recent findings by the National Fire Protection Agency, one-third of all dryer fires are due to lint, fiber and/or dust build up within the vents.
  • Reduce electric bills – Shorter appliance runtimes helps to lower electricity usage. Cleaning the dryer vents works to maximize dryer efficiency, typically shortening drying cycles.
  • Extend dryer life – Clogs in the venting system prevents proper airflow, accelerating demands on the dryer. Proper and professional maintenance ensures peak dryer capacity, adding to reliability and lifespan.
  • Healthier indoor air quality – When a build up of lint prevents hot air from venting outdoors, the air is trapped inside the dryer. There is the potential of his air getting introduced into the living pace, affecting temperature and air quality.

Your Dryer Vent Cleaning Team at Tidy Turtle Duct Cleaning

Don’t wait to reach out to Tidy Turtle Duct Cleaning for prompt and convenient scheduling of dryer vent cleaning. With 2 years on the job, our skilled technicians have the proper tools and utilize exacting protocols. We deliver exceptional rewards and total peace of mind.

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