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Bi-Polar Ionization from Tidy Turtle Duct Cleaning

Protect your home’s indoor air quality with bipolar ionization purification technology. When bipolar ionization is supplied to a space, in its simplest terms, negative and positive ions are added to the air. Those ions will surround the natural air particles, particles that are invisible to the naked eye, and will add mass to those particles so they fall to the floor or toward for natural cleaning processes to remove them from the space or your furnace filter can catch them. Tidy Turtle Duct Cleaning specializes in ductwork and indoor air quality solutions for our customers across Lee’s Summit, MO, and the surrounding areas. Don’t let your illnesses win this upcoming flu season. Fight back with advanced purification solutions. Call us today at (816) 912-3575 to learn more and to get your appointment scheduled.


When it comes to viruses, bipolar ionization ions have the ability to remove hydrogen from a virus’s protein coat. That single hydrogen is a crucial piece to the structure of a virus and without it, the virus loses its ability to infect. With bacteria, it’s similar; in bacteria and mold when the hydrogen is removed using the ions created using bi-polar ionization, the mold or bacterium is broken open and the pathogen is neutralized and won’t allow for infection to take place. Because providing air quality solutions is our specialization, Tidy Turtle Duct Cleaning is a trusted source to ensure the job is done right. Remaining affordable while providing high-quality services is extremely important to us. Keeping your home comfortable and safe for those inside is crucial. Let us solve your air purification needs. Get in touch with us today!

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